How to organize a fun Princess White Snow birthday party for little girls

Snow White is so graceful and beautiful with her pale white skin, her dark black hair and her impressive red lips. Little girls identify with their love for animals and other forest dwellers and their beautiful voice and singing clothes. Because little girls love princesses so much, it’s no wonder they’d love to have a birthday party where the guest of honor can do everything her favorite princess would do.

Some ideas about activities you can use at your birthday party may include:

1. Have a singing contest to see who can sing the most beautiful song. The song could be invented by the girl, or they could compose their own melody with phrases that you write on paper. You could use a karaoke machine for this and buy a CD with princess songs. Or, you can make your own microphone and go for it in your living room!

2. For the youngest children, an easy and free activity is to draw pictures to color. There are many online sources to find Princess free coloring pages, which are wonderful for girls. Make sure to buy washable markers or crayons (you can even buy princess art games to wear at the party) so that the girls do not ruin their best princess dresses.

3. For older children, you can play a fun quiz game of the princess in which you print a series of questions from Disney’s Snow White and the one that receives the most questions correctly gets a prize. You can also make little-known facts about Snow White to help girls learn more.

4. The nemesis of Snow White is the evil queen with the magic mirror. Each child could look in a mirror and say the magic phrase: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all?”

5. A father or grandfather could dress like Snow White. Many times, around Halloween, you can find adult Snow White costumes in your local stores or online throughout the year in costume stores. It’s always fun to surprise your girl with a real princess who shows up at the party. Make sure she is all dressed in the dress, the red bow, the hooded cloak and the tiara. He can make rounds by talking to each of the girls when he comes or he could help them play a game. A perfect entry for the adult actor would be after his son (the last in the mirror game) asks who is the most righteous of all. The princess then came in and said: “____________ is very fair, but Snow White is the most beautiful of all!”

6. You can hold a ball where the girls dance and spin with the stuffed Seven Dwarfs that can be bought at the Disney Store. You can find the music of the princess or Disney on eBay or Amazon easily and cheaply.

Whether you have a tight budget or have all the money in the world, make your next princess party more fun and simple by applying some of these simple and timeless tips for your child’s next birthday party.