Weddings: Tips on how to keep your flower girl happy

Weddings are not just two people who vow to love and take care of each other in the coming years. There is more than meets the eye. Weddings are about all those little things, those little details that will transform your knot ceremony into a scene from a fairy tale. In fact, it’s all those little things that will make your wedding GREAT.

Planning for the wedding is not easy, period. This is because it is a collective process and it seems that every person you know has an opinion or advice. On top of that, if you are going to look for all the literature and books that have been written about wedding planning in the last decades, you will continue planning until retirement.

Wedding planning can be irritated and it is normal to overlook something that you will later regret. In general, the whole focus is on the bride and groom, but there is one person at your bridal party that you can not afford to forget: your florist. She is willing to do everything possible to make you proud. She idealizes you and scatters those petals around you seems to be one of the greatest achievements of her life, even when she feels too nervous to walk down the aisle.

To make sure your flower girl feels as happy and comfortable as she wants it to be, follow the four fabulous tips. These tips will not only help you add the ‘wow’ factor to your wedding, they can also be your foolproof formula for that little princess who deserves it all.

Pep her with a nice dress
Being part of a bridal party is very charming for all girls, regardless of their age. This makes her feel special and valued. So, if you want to make sure that your joy is reflected in your smile, give her a pretty dress. Little girls always like lace dresses adorned with flowers. In addition, you can impress him by adding a touch of personal creativity.

Have fun with a gift
Among all the chaos, a gift from the bride will be very reflective and this will let her know that the small role she will play in your fairy tale is very much appreciated. You can get anything, even a soft floral accessory, anything you can use around your wrist. Not only will it give you a sense of belonging, but it will also serve as something that you can keep with yourself as a keepsake of your wedding.

Customize ‘Big Girl Stuff’ for her
If you can get your flower girl the miniature version of the things that your maid of honor will wear, nothing will make her happier. For example, you can have claws similar to those of your maid of honor to fit your size.

Jazz up your accessories with uniqueness
Instead of having those same old petals, go for some other promising alternative like a flower wand. Especially if your flower girl is the first time she does it, it will be easier for her to carry a wand of flowers than to scatter those petals.

You can have a bag of candy for her or a teddy bear too. All this will not take long, but these tips and tricks promise to keep your florist happy and smiling all day.