Does a bachelorette party have to be expensive?

Organizing a budget for your bachelorette party can be difficult, especially if a large part of your funds have already been saved for the wedding. However, there are cheap ideas for bachelorette parties, so you do not have to spend too much. If you have a tight budget, you should plan a bachelorette party within that budget.

Do not invite too many friends. If your budget can only accommodate about 20 girls, then choose those that are very close to you. This is the first thing to do.

When choosing the place, choose one near home. But, you also have to consider where other guests live. Some may have to travel from a different city. Ask the invited friends if they could come, even if you do not pay their fees. If you already live in another country, you must first ask them if they could come. Your closest friends would like to attend.

Instead of choosing a hotel room, you can have the party at your house or at a friend’s. You will not have to pay any rent, you will also have more freedom, which means you can do what you want. However, make sure that the music is not too loud so that the neighbors do not get upset. You and your friends can even have a free “pajama” at home.

Tell friends to have dinner before going to the party. This way, you will not have to spend too much on food. Bachelorette parties are not banquet meetings. A few sandwiches and drinks will serve. If you want to serve dinner, then, you can cook at home. You can also ask some of your friends to help you cook. Preparing food for yourself is cheaper compared to catering, as it will only add more to your expenses.

You can have fun with games that do not require expensive supplies for bachelorette parties. These parties usually have blindfold games, naughty toys and prizes. If you have little budget for these, you can opt for simple games, such as “truth or consequence”, that do not require special equipment.

Gossip and movie treats are free! In case you run out of game ideas, you can always talk about what has been happening in the other’s life. This meeting is the perfect opportunity for you and your friends to meet since most of you are probably too busy to have time to meet and talk. As for the movies, make sure to rent DVDs to have something to watch later.

Entertainment does not have to be expensive. You probably have a stereo system, which you could use. You can download music from the Internet to use at your party. Then, you can rent a disco ball to have that disco feel.

As for the male stripper part, there is no need to hire a group of men. Only one should do, especially if you only invite some girls. If you are a conservative group of women, you can skip this one.

Do not hesitate to ask your friends to help you with the expenses. It is not necessarily embarrassing and it is not a terrible thing to do, especially if you can increase the budget to make things more fun for everyone.